Here is a little about me! My name is Angela and I got married on March 4, 2011. I married my best friend, who I met on a blind date. I had to kiss a lot of frogs to get to my Prince. For our honeymoon, he took me to Germany for three days, Paris for three days and then Italy for a week. We had such a wonderful time.

David is wonderful and we have to cute kids, Vince and Otis. They each have four paws and an attitude of their own.

Here is a quick cute story.

We had just started dating. We were one month in and David left to go out of town for a vacation. Basically for the last 10 years (before he met me on our blind date) he got up, went to work, came home, ate dinner, and repeated. He took his first week off and drove 12 hours north to his friends house in Topeka, Kansas. About half way through the week, I couldn't stand it any more. I knew I had to see him again and I couldn't wait until he came home that weekend.

So I bought a one way ticket and flew to see him that weekend. He picked me up and we drove back the 12 hours together. It was wonderful. That's when I knew I had met my soul mate, my best friend, my true love. 

We stopped at the Topeka Zoo and walked the whole thing. We had a wonderful time. When we got back, David's sister-in-law said, "I knew that if the two people could survive a car ride together, who barely knew each other, I knew the two of you would get married."

Well, needless to say, we did. :)

Here is a picture of us on a bench at the Zoo. It's my favorite. I love the way he's looking at me. You can see such love in his eyes. It amazes me how much so, since we hardly knew each other.


One of my dear friends who got married a year before (in Dallas) started blogging so all her friends and family could keep up with them. Well shortly after she kind of abandoned it. It's been like two years and she hasn't posted since December 1, 2010. Well, I kind of did the same thing, but picked it back up in January of this year. 

I recently found this blog called The Small Things Blog. I have recently been keeping up with her and reading about what she is doing and she seems to have some really neat ideas.

After reading her blog, it kind of inspired me to start blogging again. :) Now I'm trying to think of what to blog about and I really have no idea. So I guess for the moment it really be more of a journal blog than anything and everything.