Silver Turtles

Do you know what silver turtles are? I didn't until the hubby asked me to make them for dinner. Slightly surprised, I said yes. The hubby hardly ever asks for anything specific for dinner most nights.

I'll text him during the day and ask if he has anything specific he wants, but most of the time he'll answer me, "I don't care, whatever your little heart desires, or whatever." So most of the time I cook what I would like to eat.

But since he requested silver turtles, I was more than happy to make them. The only problem is I had no idea what they were or even where to begin to make them.

So when he got home he had to explain it.

In short, it's a hamburger patty on the bottom with sliced carrots, sliced potatoes, and onions layered on top. Then wrap it tin foil. Bake it at 350 for about 20-25 minutes. Oh the aroma is so good. Then when we ate it, it was so fresh. It was a nice twist to what I normally make. I can't wait to make it again. In fact I might make it this week one night. It's super easy. I sliced everything in the food processor, which helped speed up the slicing time.

Later the hubby told me he learned it in Cub Scouts.

Here's some pictures on how I made it.

First I sliced the carrots. I used probably 2 or 3 long carrots and sliced them in the food processor.

I cut up a bell pepper and an onion as well as potatoes.

I took about a pound to a pound and a half. I added a few spices that we like in our meat.

I put one patty on the bottom of the tin foil. Then layer the carrots, potatoes, onion, and bell pepper. Then put a pad or two butteries on top. Add some salt and pepper with some garlic powder. 

Then wrap it up. Pull the middle section together. Then pull the ends together in towards the middle.

Put the four in the pan and bake it.

When you unwrap it......

Here it is platted and ready to eat.

Of course you have to have dessert.