DIY: Saving the tomatoes in the garden!!

Do you have tomatoes in your garden?

Have you lost any of your tomatoes to birds picking them to death?

So how do you save your tomatoes? 

Well, that's where this post comes in.

I heard that if you take red plastic easter eggs and put them in your garden, that will detour the birds from pecking at your tomatoes. It tricks the birds into thinking that they are tomatoes and so the birds will peck at the eggs. Once the birds realize that they aren't pecking at a tomato, the birds leave alone the real tomatoes. 

Since we have a garden this year, I thought, I have to try this and see if it works. I decided to try it with wood balls instead of easter eggs. So one day after work I went to the hardware store to get some wood balls that were a little bigger than an inch a cross. I also bought some red spray paint to color them like tomatoes.

So I sprayed them red with several coats to make sure there wasn't any wood showing. I used Krylon Gloss Cherry Red spray paint. I let them dry for about 5 or 10 minutes, to make sure it was really dry, before spraying the bottom of the balls.

And really that's it. After I finished painting them and I felt like I had coated them well, I placed them in the garden. I painted six of them and then just randomly laid them in the garden bed near the tomatoes.

Here are the tomatoes growing in our garden. These are the Big Boy tomatoes.

These are our grape tomatoes.

This is our cantaloupe that is growing.

These are my herbs. I have basil, parsley, rosemary, and cilantro.

My basil. I absolutely love basil. It smells so wonderful and it's great when you use fresh basil in your dishes too.