We have worms.... in the garden.

The other day I went out to our garden to pick some fresh tomatoes. We had three plants growing, but one died. I don't know why, but one plant just didn't make it. The other two are grape tomatoes and better bush.

I'm so excited about our garden. I love everyday going out and picking the fresh veggies that are growing and watching what we produce. I can see now why farmers farm. It's an amazing process. The Lord created an amazing process with the fruit, soil, sunlight, and love.

Even though we are only growing on a small scale, it's still so exciting to wait for the plants to produce delicious and healthy foods.

One day the Hubby and I were driving around Texas and on our way home, we took some back roads. As we were traveling through the small towns there were fields and fields of corn. For some reason it was interesting to see it so close to home. I always thought our produce came from other places  (like other states or even countries), but yet there was corn just a couple of hundred of miles from my home.

But back to our garden. After I had picked some cherry tomatoes, I brought them into the house and set them on the counter. I walked off to go take care of something and when I came back I looked at them sitting there and noticed there was a small little worm crawling on the outside of one that was "bad".

I had left the tomato on the counter over night and when I got home from work the next day, the little guy was out again crawling around but this time he was black. It was kind of cool looking to see how he changed colors in a day.

These are from our garden that I picked over several days. The green one fell off as I was getting a nice red juicy one.