About Me

On a park bench in Rome, Italy.
So, you want to know a little more about me. Well, you came to the right place. 

My name is Angela. I live in the south and I have 4 boys. Three of them have four paws and the other is that guy on the left.

I couldn't be more blessed!! 

In 2010 I met an incredible guy on a blind date.  After dating for 8 months he asked me to marry him. For our honeymoon, he took me to Europe. We had such a wonderful time and the best two week honeymoon ever!!

1. Where are you from?
I'm from Texas. I've lived here my whole life. All I have ever known is hot, humid, and summer. 

2. What made you decide to start this blog?
I love blogs and enjoy reading what other people have to say first hand. I started mine in 2011. It is a place for me to share things I love, places we have been, and hopefully inspire some creativity with my readers. I also love to travel and take photos. So I love to share those with you guys as well. My favorite thing to do is take pictures and edit them and then share them with the readers.

3. Where do you get your ideas for crafts?
Every where. Sometimes I get ideas off of what I see on Pinterest and other times from how I would like to decorate the house. I have my own craft room and love to mess around. I took art classes in college and used to design web pages.

4. When did you start cooking?
I cooked for years before getting married, but it wasn't until I got married that I REALLY had to learn how to cook. Now I read magazines and try to recreate what they have. I have had friends say that they wish they could cook, so I have had them over and taught them one on one.

5. Where have you been?
We've been all over the world. The most exciting place I have been to was Iceland. We went back in 2014 for Spring Break and it was absolutely amazing. We plan on going back in the summer time and seeing it again without snow. We've been to Germany, France, and Italy, when we first got married. We've also been to Cozumel and Progresso, Mexico. We've even driven across America. Not in one shot, but over several years. We like to do "tours". Our recent one was from TX up to Montana and back down again through Idaho, Utah, and New Mexico.

6. What types of photos do you take?
I love to take landscape pictures. There is something relaxing about taking pictures of nature. I do take portrait pictures as well, but not as much as nature.

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