New York: Chittenango Falls / Skaneateles

Yesterday we drove around some more of New York. My father-in-law wanted to take me to Chittenango Falls to see the big waterfall.

It was so cool. You could hear the roar of the waterfall. It was so powerful and thunderous. Is that a word, thunderous? Oh well, it is now. :)

Here are the beautiful pictures of the fall. Again, I played with the aperture to get that silky affect, with the water flowing.


The top of the falls.

Looking down the falls at the bottom.

Some flowers along the path way.

Some tree limbs that were laying along the river.

We stopped at Beak & Skiff's. It's an apple orchard. You can actually pick apples.

In the silo, they had a gift shop and some bees. You can watch the bees work.

They made a chain off of each other. It's hard to see, but it was cool to see in person.

I saw this owl and thought he was super cute.

Here are the apples you could pick. If you wanted to, you could just buy the apples that were already picked that day.

You could get Apple Cider from them too. And it was delicious.

The apple trees on the property where you can pick apples. 

Then we drove to Skeneateles. 

Then we ate Doug's Fish Fry.

We saw these boats in the dock. One said Wood Not and the other said Wood Too.

The night sky over looking the bridge we walked out on.


New York: Alexandria Bay (1,000 Islands) / Canada

Well, after our day through the upper east of New York, see post here, we went to Alexandria Bay. Once there we got to see the 1,000 Islands and Bolt Castle.

If you ever get the chance to go to Bolt Castle, DO IT!!! GO!!!! It was beautiful. Well worth the trip and $8 dollars to get in.

First we did the Uncle Sam's Boat Tour through the 1,000 Islands. Which means there we actually more than 1,000 islands in the bay. We did the two hour tour and got to cross time zones and go into Canada water.

After we finished our two hour tour we got to see the Bolt Castle. We spent two hours there and it was so amazing to see how they build their homes many years ago.

Here are the pictures of 1,000 Islands.

This was our tour guide.

Here are our pictures from Bolt Castle after our tour of the 1,000 Islands.

Here is the castle.

There is a heart theme throughout the island. The castle is a testament to his love for his wife.

This was the entertainment tower. There is a two lane bowling alley and a stage
 for actors to come and entertain. It was the children's playhouse.

An outdoor fire place.

Going to the cellar,  underground passage and pool.

This is the Butlers pantry.

The formal dinning room.

The grand entrance and stair case.

The ceiling glass dome.

Looking up from the main entrance.

The Reception Room

The ceiling in the Reception Room.

The Billiard Room

The Billiard Room ceiling

The light fixture that hangs over the formal dinning room table.

Looking out the window in the formal dinning room.

The ceiling in the Ball room.

The Organ in the Ball Room.

The Library Room

A picture of Mrs. Bolt at the base of the staircase. 

Mrs. Bolt's Daughters Bedroom

Her bathroom

Mrs. Bolt's Bedroom

Mr. Bolt's Bedroom

Looking down to the bottom floor. See the heart at the base of the stairs.

Their pictures

Their Marriage Certificate

Looking outside the castle.

The Pool

The Main Gate / Entrance

The Power House that supplies power to the main castle 

Another view of the main entrance

After we left Alexandria Bay we decided to go to Canada. My mother-in-law wanted to do some shopping (that she's known for) at the Canada Duty free store. When we got over the bridge to the border, the Canadian border patrol started to asking us questions. This is how the conversation went.

(We pull up to the booth)
Key players: the Border Patrol Guy and US (the car of my husband, me, father-in-law and mother-in-law).

Border Patrol: Do you have your passports?

Us: Here you go!

Border Patrol: Where are you from?

Us: Texas!

Border Patrol: Where are you going?

Us: Canada!

Border Patrol: You have to be a bit more specific.

Us: Well, we're going to the Duty Free Store.

Border Patrol: You drove all the way from Texas just to go to the Duty free store? (He actually kind of cracked a smile and smirked.)

Us: Well, no....

Border Patrol: Well, then where are you staying at?

(Note: I'd like to insert here and say, these are the true questions he asked us the other night and we answered him correctly. Maybe he needed to rethink the way he wanted us to answer.)

Us: We are staying at our aunt's house in New York.

Border Patrol: Whose car is this?

Us: With the back window rolled down my father-in-law answered and said it was his.

Border Patrol: Scanning our Passports in their machine, then hands them back to us and said, "You can go".

So then we drove past the store, yes past it. We had to go turn around and then come back. After we got in the store we did a little shopping. I got a cool Canada shirt, the Hubby got a coffee cup, some chocolate from Switzerland, and some Maple Syrup. I can't wait to try the syrup.

Then we drove back to the house and got in around midnight. That was a super long day. Once we got back we crashed on our air mattress.