Winter Storm of 2014

Today we had a bad "winter storm". I used the quotes because in Texas we only have two season, summer and Sprall (that a cross between Spring and Fall). Since the weather was so bad and we are not used to this type of winter, they ended up closing schools and businesses. The roads were icy and most people in the area don't know how to drive in this type of weather.

The last time I really drove in snow/ winter weather, I ended up going off the road and into a ditch in the pan handle of Texas. It wasn't fun. I was one of the few lucky ones who didn't break an axil was able to be pulled out by emergency vehicles.

Since I was off of work today the hubby and I hung around the house and watched TV as well as slept in. It was nice. Then we had a late lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. After we got home, I thought it would be a good cool to take pictures of all the ice and sleet on my car. So here are some pictures of our cars and the signs in the neighborhood.

This is where the hubby punched the side of the car to crack the sleet. 

Here is where he did it on his truck. 

Here are the signs in the neighborhood from frosting over. 

Here is the back of the sign. It's kind of hard to see, but it has a pretty pattern. 

Here is the tire in the bed of the truck. 

We went to the mall today since we had some free time and when we came out, there was a car behind us in the parking lot that had their windshield wipers up. The hubby said that when he lived up North they used to do that to keep them from sticking to the windshield. So I figured since tomorrow looks to be as bad as today, that I'd try it out. Apparently though I already messed them up today. 

I covered the pipes with pillow cases the on Friday from our last Arctic blast. I called my father since I wasn't sure what I could use to cover them and he said anything would work. He said to use tape to hold it in place, preferably duck tape. I didn't have any at the house so I had to use painters tape.

Here is an ice cycle from the siding of our house. 

Here is the roof of our house. It's kind of pretty.

Stay warm!