Yesterday was a super long day. We were in  the care for the whole day. After leaving Billings, Montana we made our way to Idaho. We took a few back roads along the way so we could pass through Yellowstone National Park.

Before we got into Yellowstone, we drove through Custer National Park. These pictures are what we saw as we drove up to the top of the mountain to pass over to the other side. (As we were driving I wondered about the settlers and how they must have felt if they tried to pass over the mountain to get to the other side. In the car, we had no problems. We were shielded from the cold but in a wagon, it must have been horrible to go that route.)

As we continued to drive towards the top we started to see more snow. And it got thicker...... and thicker.... and thicker.......

We checked the outside temperature and it was steadily dropping. By the time we got to the very top, it was 30 degrees outside.

We were literally driving into the clouds. :)

Then we made our way back down the other side of the mountain.

Here are the Rockies again.

Then we finally made it to Yellowstone National Park.

That's wild buffalo in the distance just past the brown ridge.

BUFFALO!!!!!!!!!!!! WILD BUFFALO!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had my zoom lens on the camera but we wee about 25 yards away. Yea!!! That close to them!!!

More buffalo on the hill. All those black spots are them.


Wild black bear. It was a mom and two cubs.

Momma bear (I got this pic through the drivers window. I think I caught some of the mirror and window. That's why it looks funny.)

Dave thinks these are Elk. I think he's right. (There's 3 of them.)

One closer to the road as we drove by.

Then there was a hot springs in the park. So we stopped to check it out.

And there it is.....

The little town of Mammoth Hot Springs.

The top of it. Now let me say this..... After pushing my self to climb a volcano, then a mountain, and few more mountains, my legs hurt. Like super sore hurt. 

So I pushed myself to climb the hot springs. Dave waited at the base for me and I climbed a ton more of stairs. 

So the next morning I couldn't feel my calves. (Then as we were leaving town I hit my knee on the car door. So I'm getting banged up pretty good now. lol)

This spring came off of the hot springs and was a little warm to the touch. 

Then on our way out of the park there were these guys.

By the time we got to our hotel in Idaho we crashed. We were pretty tired. Tomorrow we head to Utah!!