From Utah to New Mexico and through Arches National Park

After we left Utah we drove back through the New Mexico. Along the way we saw more mountains and the beautiful land scape.

Here are some more pictures of the last leg of our trip.

We also stopped at Arches National Park in New Mexico. Man, we need to make a trip just to visit the national parks. They are amazing!!!

This is the Moab Fault. 

This was a cute little hide away. You could actually walk into this. So that is exactly what we did. :)

And once we got into it, this is what we found......

The Dune Arch.

This was how tight the space was to get into the back section. It looks like I have a lot of room, but in reality it was narrow as I was thick. :)

Here is a better angle. The guy on the right is walking where I was standing.

Then we walked about 2-3 miles to the far left corner of the picture. As we were walking it was so open.

Once we got to the back this was the arch we got to see. It was massive..... I mean huge.. jumbo......
You can see the kid in the bottom left.

Then as we were heading home we saw a storm brewing.

Well, we decided to drive home from Albuquerque. It was a close to 14 hours. We got in close to 2 a.m. and crashed once we hit the door.

All in all it was a fabulous trip. It was so amazing to see how America. I think our favorite place was Custer's National Park. The sights were awesome..

Dave's coworker said he was crazy for taking time off to just drive instead of going to a place for vacation. Well, as much as I love going to one place and seeing what they have to offer, I feel like we were able to see so much more.

Well, that's it for this trip. I hope you enjoyed the pictures. To see it first hand was unbelievable. We literally would turn to the other and say, look.... look over here. Look at that mountain. Look at this, look at that. You know when you get excited about a land form jetting out of nowhere it's going to be a great vacation.

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